Project Ocean STEWARD 2000
Online Workshop for K-12 teachers Oct 9 - Nov 3, 2000


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Project Ocean STEWARD  2000 (Students and Teachers Empowered With Access to Real Data)  is an online workshop  for teachers designed to bring explorers, scientists and teachers together for four weeks of  learning about the oceans and data. All activities are web-based. Bring your browser!

You can enter the workshop through the COEXPLORER centre 

  Registration is now closed for this workshop. If you would like to be kept on the keep me informed list for future workshops please put your name on the Keep Me Informed List

Sustainable Seas                     

Sylvia Earle, Explorer in Residence,
National Geographic Society

Sustainable Seas,  Marine Sanctuaries and using the Internet in the Classroom

Francesca Cava,  Ed Program Mgr,  National Geographic Society
Laura Francis, NOAA Education Coordinator, Marine Sancturies
Jim Slotta, Project Wise

Exploring to Learn and
Learning to Explore

Phyllis Grifman, NOAA USC Sea Grant
Peter Tuddenham, College of Exploration

Observing Ocean Color from Space

Gene Feldman, NASA SeaWifs Mission

Habitat Characterization and Monitoring in National  Marine Sanctuaries

Steve Gittings, NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Program

Exploring the Monterey Bay National Marine Santuary

Steve Webster, Monterey Bay Aquarium


Teacher Lesson Plan/Project Development

Sharing Lesson Materials for the Classroom

Understanding Human Related Ocean Issues

Use of Technology in Learning About the Oceans

Community Service, Field Studies & Career Opportunities

Project Wise